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Monday, April 03, 2006

Civic Duty

Well, the next two weeks ought to be interesting. You see, this princess has been summoned to jury duty! I have actually served before, 10 years ago. I had just found out I was pregnant with CJ! Anyway, I went to orientation today. Then, within 90 minutes, we were dismissed for the day. I have checked in at the website and we all have to report tomorrow morning at 8:30. That means an early start for CJ and Belle. CJ will go to a friend's house across the street from school at 7:45am. Then, I will take Belle to GranMum's and go on to the courthouse. Then, I anticipate a long time waiting. Who knows, maybe I'll be picked right away?

Last time, I was actually an alternate juror for a murder case. The trial and evidence were interesting. I did feel kinda left out though, after hearing all the testimony and evidence then just being excused and not allowed to deliberate with the rest of the jury. They ended up convicting him of involuntary manslaughter. I don' t quite understand how the only two guilty options were murder 1 or INvoluntary manslaughter. It just doesn't seem right.

Since my schedule will be unknown for the next two weeks, I may not be around here much. (Not that I've been a daily presence anyway.) However, I hope to come back with some interesting stories!

BTW - Having served on jury duty before, I do feel it is an important part of our judicial system, however flawed it may be. Anyone who has the opportunity to serve, should do so with an open mind. I know its a disruption in our lives, but it is necessary. As one of the judges that spoke to us today said, we may not have a perfect system, but it's a system that others in this world are willing to die for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SO beyond jealous! I have always wanted to be called up for jury duty!!! And I never get called. Dang! I want to hear all about it.

BTW, how long did Belle sleep the other night?

10:32 PM  
Blogger Russ said...

Hellow yer hi-ness Princsiss. Long time no blog.
Sorry to be gone so long but things here have been a little weird to say the least.
Good to be back in Blogtown.
Read you soon...

6:58 PM  
Blogger Doug Bagley said...

I don't know, I have mixed feelings on jury duty. I was called once, wasted a whole day, was excused, and by the time I paid for parking, along with missed wages, it took a chunk out of my wallet for the day.
On the other hand, and there's always a other hand, it is a civic duty and do believe that we should all do are part civically.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, when I have checked back 5 times and there is nothing new then it is time for me to say... POST, LADY!

Love ya!

8:34 PM  

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