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Anyone who knows me and my family will know that I am "Princess Sister" to my three younger brothers. I'm a fairly quiet woman, so when I have something to say, I expect to be heard. I mean no disrespect or place myself on any kind of pedestal. My brothers gave me this name, so I honor them by using it.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005


UGH! I have too much confidence in the internet sometimes! I have finished all my continuing ed requirements and I just went to the site to renew my professional license (which I KNOW I did last time) and my profession is not "allowed" to update online! I looked over my renewal form more closely and realize it says it has to be mailed with a check or money order (no debit or credit cards) and received by TOMORROW (nearly today)! I guess I'll call in the morning and will probably have to make a nearly two hour road trip to hand deliver the renewal. I have to have verification of renewal by Wednesday morning so I can go to work!

Why do I procrastinate and put myself in these positions? I don't get it! I hate it, yet here I am again! I NEED to do something about the procrastination. I'm not lazy, I just always wait to the last minute to do things.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I said, "Thank God for the internet." right?

GEEZ. I finally sat down to do some of those continuing ed hours and wouldn't you know, there's a problem when I try to place my order. I get an error message that says to call them. So, of course, I call at this late hour (I think they have 24 hour customer service) and I get the recording "...we are either on another phone line or away from our desk. Please leave your name and number...." Well, I don't want to leave a number and have them call at 3am or something. Even if they call back right away, it'll wake up someone, I'm sure.

For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, please pray for our siding project. We keep running into snags. Expensive ones. One praise, though - ALL THE WINDOWS ARE IN! Now we have to replace the soffett, siding and trim. Or, I should say AR needs to do that. I have enough of my own work to do! Hee-hee. Actually, I'd probably rather be out there helping him - just as long as it doesn't get too cold outside.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm down here....

Russ asked where I've been.

I guess I could say I'm just depressed cuz the Cardinals lost to the Astros and missed going to the World Series. But that's not totally true. I've been very busy and actually tried to blog last night, but I was nearly done and my internet connection failed. I don't understand why, but it did.

Anyway, I'm here. I've actually made a few comments on other blogs. I wanted to do more, but I was having trouble getting the comment box to open. So, I've been lurking about. I just have so much to do before Monday!

1. My professional license will expire Monday and I still need like 10 hours of continuing education. Thank God for internet courses! I would like to try to get this done by Friday. I need to have verification from the state (which I can get on the internet) that my license is renewed before Wednesday next week so I can work that day.

2. Third quarter paperwork/reports/taxes are due for the tavern Monday. I haven't even started. The good news is, once I get started on it, I don't take long to complete it. Again, Thank God for the internet!

3. AR has been working on replacing the upstairs windows before the cold hits and replace the siding, too. I've had to do some cleaning before and after he's been in each room! He ran into a problem with the soffets today, so it looks like we have to replace those, too!

4. I have a situation for which I've been waiting on a decision. I got that yesterday and it's mixed news. I'm not sure about sharing details here.

5. Thanks to Blond Girl for re-working AR's resume. There's a job that should be opening that would be a great change for him. THe change itself I'm sure would be stressful, but a different kind of stress than what he's dealing with at work now. Now, we are just waiting for the job to be posted. Then we play the waiting game - again!

6. CJ had a frenectomy yesterday. His was for the upper lip frenulum that attaches to the gums. He had it clipped and some tissue removed to allow his front teeth to come together and allow other teeth to come in. He's doing very well.

7. I told GranDee that I would try to bring the kids over for a visit since she hasn't seen them since like Easter, I think. She lives 3 hours away, so its hard to do in one day. With the other deadlines I have, I better concentrate on those, but I feel guilty. She says she understands.

8. Oh, and don't forget Halloween is Monday! But, we actually need to have costumes ready by Friday evening since the PTO is having the Halloween party then!

AAAAAACCKKKK! Slow down. Deep breath. Re-group. It will get done. It almost always does. Maybe not on time, but it does.

Sorry for the ramblings. The post I started yesterday was better, but I can't remember how I did it. Oh, well. Thanks for asking, Russ. I'm sure you got more than you bargained for. :-)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Dynamic David and Amazing Albert!

WOW! What a game tonight! I'm talking Cardinals baseball, yall! Down by 2 runs, with 2 outs in the 9th inning, and the Astros' Lidge pitching, David Eckstein didn't give up! He got a base hit. Then, my man Jimmy Edmonds was walked. Two men on base, two outs and who's at the plate? ALBERT PUJOLS! Woo-hoo! He rocketed that ball out of the stadium! Or, at least he would have it was open. A three run homer to go ahead, 5-4! We were jumping up and down and yelling! You have to have faith, I reminded AR when the Astros had gone ahead 4-2 off Berkman's three run homer. Just before that homer, AR said, "the Cardinals are beat". I said, "Go ahead and give up on 'em, honey." Then, just as he proclaimed, it appeared the season would come to an end. But no. With Eckstein's heart and determination, and Pujols' faith and desire, they pulled it off. I love that Pujols gave credit to God. Amen!

I feel a little bad that CJ missed this comeback. We made him go to bed at the middle of the 5th inning. That was probably too late as it was. I did go up and half-way wake him to tell him the Cardinals won, just as he asked before going to bed.

HERE WE COME TO ST. LOUIS! Well, we personally won't be in attendance but you can be sure we will be there in spirit!


Friday, October 14, 2005

World Series Fever!

So, we're down to four teams in the race to be named the World Series Champs! Our family, if you couldn't tell from previous posts (like Take me out to the ballgame!), are die hard Cardinal fans! (Well, my dad is probably rolling over in his grave when I say that - I grew up in a Cub fan household and married a Cardinal fan.) My favorite player is Jim Edmonds, AR's is Scott Rolen, and CJ's is Albert Pujols. Our team is currently 1-1 in their series with the Astros. We think it would be cool if the Cards and White Sox play for the World Series Championship. CJ would "have a cow" IF we were able to get tickets to a game. We probably won't, anyway. Although, AR has had some luck this year finding tickets - and good seats, too! CJ was even on TV!

Anyway, are you following the World Series playoffs? If so, which team are you rooting for? Who are your favorite players? Who do you think will be playing in the World Series Championship?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You might be a redneck if....

You hit two deer at once with your car.
WARNING: This post includes the unfortunate demise of animals and may not be suitable for some readers.

As I posted in my true/false meme, I was driving home from work (an hour commute on a country two-lane route) in my 1987 Olds Delta 88 when I saw a deer cross the road in front of me. I was thankful I missed it. Ooops. There were two more following the first. They were side-by-side. I ran right into them. The one closest to me was killed instantly, but the other was injured. I ended up going through a fence and into the field. If I remember correctly, I was able to turn the car around to try to get back to the road. For some reason, I wasn't able to get back on the road. I don't know if it was because the ditch was too deep or the car wasn't running well. Probably both. Anyway, I had a cell phone and called someone, I think my mother-in-law, GranMum. Suddenly, a lady was at my window, grabbing my cell phone from me. She was an EMT and used my phone to call for help. She evaluated me and determined I was ok. Thank God for the tank I was driving!

Soon, the county police were there along with other EMT's. Some were helping to hold down the injured deer so it wouldn't run back into the road and get hit again. I was seated in someone's pickup and continued my calls home. All of a sudden, I heard a bang and realized the sheriff had shot the wounded deer. I remember wishing someone had warned me. I was a little jumpy. The officer then took me to his car. We went over the incident and went up to the farm house to see if they wanted me to pay for the damaged fence. They didn't, as they would be replacing it anyway. We then sat on the side of the road in the squad car near the accident to wait for AR to arrive. I was about half-way home, so it would be at least 30 mins. before he could get there. While we sat, a pickup truck pulled up and three overall wearin' men hopped out. They seemed like they would approach the squad car, but they started loading the deer into the truck! You see, the officer had asked me if I wanted to keep the deer. They weren't any trophies or anything, but my family hunts and eats the meat. I told him we would take them to be butchered. So, the officer had to get out of the car and stop the fellows from taking my deer. I believe they gave him a little flack, but they put down the deer and left.

Once AR arrived, he loaded the deer into OUR pickup and we headed home. He had called a buddy of his and arranged for him to meet us at the house. I went inside while the guys took the deer out to the country to "dress" them. I guess the one was too messed up to salvage. The other, remember, had a bullet hole in it's head from the sheriff. This was not deer hunting season, and it was about 10:30pm by that time. When AR got back home, he said he was glad the game warden hadn't come by while they were dressing the deer! He didn't have a police report or anything with him to prove he hadn't shot the deer illegally. WHEW!

Monday, October 10, 2005

How'd you do?

My last post was a True/False meme by way of Blond Girl. This was actually fun to watch those who don't even regularly read my post to make some guesses.
Are you ready for this? Here we go:

1. I took golf as an elective in college to impress my boyfriend. TRUE. My now hubby is a golfer - when he gets the chance. I thought I'd surprise him by learning to play. He told me I needed to go to the driving range to practice. Now, here I sit in the blogworld.

2. I am a neat freak. FALSE. I would like to be, though. Clutter seems to be my big downfall.

3. I am 15 years older than my youngest brother. TRUE. Tank is now 21 and in Iraq. He was 5 or 6 when he met my now hubby and Tank greeted him with a karate chop you-know-where!

4. I’ve recently been carded to buy glue. TRUE. I understand there's a problem with kids sniffing glue, but do I really look like I'm 18? I'm twice that age!

5. I spent 6 hours in labor with my first child and 36 hours with my second. Oh, so TRUE! I certainly wasn't expecting to be in labor that long the second time when my first was so easy!

6. I’ve built a motorcycle out of spare parts. TRUE. I never said this was working motorcyclele. I made a shadow box filled with my dad's favorite things one year for either his birthday or Father's Day. He loved motorcycles. I found some junk around the house and put one together. I remember I used an old nightlight bulb for the gas tank and a large hair clip (like the ones that have the long "bills") for exhaust pipes. I painted the lightbulb maroon like my dad's bike.

7. My husband and I were the third generation married on the same date. TRUE. It was even AR's idea! It's probably the most romantic thing he's done. We put off the wedding a year so the date would be on a Saturday. Well, I guess so I could finish my bachelor's degree, too.

8. I graduated high school in the lower 50%ile rank, therefore, nearly wasn’t accepted into junior college. TRUE. There were 6 in my high school class. I was #3. The local junior college had difficulty understanding how I could be in percentile rank I was. Finally, they got the picture.

9. I have been skinny dipping. FALSE. I consider skinny dipping as going for a swim or in a hot tub naked. For fun. After talking with Blond Girl, some may consider this true. The only time I've been naked in a body of water outside my bathtub was on our trip to Canada in a lake to bathe. Believe me, the water was so cold, I was in and out as fast as possible! NO fun there!

10. I don’t remember Kindergarten through the 3rd grade. TRUE. Unfortunately, I don't. I believe there was so much going on in my life then, I blocked it out. I have only one memory of a playground incident. I don't even remember my teachers!

11. I married when I was 19. FALSE. I was 22.

12. My prom date got stopped for speeding after he picked me up and the cop asked if we just got married. TRUE. I was wearing a yellow dress. Who gets married in a yellow dress?

13. I’ve been stranded on a lake for a week with no contact to the rest of the world. TRUE. I've been TWICE to Canada on one of those lakes where they drop you off and come back in a week to pick you up. No phones, news, electricity or anything. It is so relaxing!

14. I’m always punctual. Anyone who knows me is LOL now. Definately FALSE! GranDee says the only time I've been early was when I was born!

15. My mother-in-law is dating a convicted murderer out on parole. Sad, but TRUE. The story would probably make a good post.

16. I have a Master’s degree. TRUE. Graduated in 1994.

17. I co-own a tavern. TRUE. Anyone want to buy it? I'm tired of dealing with the partners. We just don't see things the same. A lot of you thought this one was a lie! Hee-hee.

18. I am 14 years younger than my “second mom” TRUE. My dad remarried a lovely lady 11 years his junior when I was 8. I told her "you will not replace my mom!" She is now a wonderful mom, grandma, friend and confidant. I grew up with her and my dad and visited my mom every summer.

19. While driving, I hit two deer at once. TRUE. I missed one and then following, there were two more walking across the road, side by side. The one farthest away was not instantly killed and the sheriff had to shoot it. The rest of the story would probably make another good post.

20. We experienced a tornado on our 13th anniversary, July 13th. TRUE. Sounds to good to not be made up, but it's true. Last year, our community was in the path of a tornado and it became aloft as it came across our town. Our tavern lost a roof and the grain elevator lost two storage bins. We lost many trees. Thankfully, no one was hurt! AR actually bought me flowers! They were delivered before the storm hit. I probably won't ever get flowers again!

Now, who to tag? Since Blond Girl already tagged most of the bloggers I know, I think I'll tag a couple new friends. (I hope you won't now consider me an enemy!)
Thanks for participating and remember to have fun!
Let me know when your True/False meme is up on your site!

Friday, October 07, 2005

True/False meme

Thanks to Blond Girl for tagging me for this meme. I saved it for the weekend when I ususally play Michele's meet-n-greet. Otherwise, it wouldn't be much fun. I know you guys probably don't know me too well, so I guess you'll learn a little sumpthin' about me, huh?

Here are 20 things about me that could be true. In the comments section, just tell me which ones you think are false. Sound fun? Good!

1. I took golf as an elective in college to impress my boyfriend.

2. I am a neat freak.

3. I am 15 years older than my youngest brother.

4. I’ve recently been carded to buy glue.

5. I spent 6 hours in labor with my first child and 36 hours with my second.

6. I’ve built a motorcycle out of spare parts.

7. My husband and I were the third generation married on the same date.

8. I graduated high school in the lower 50%ile rank, therefore, nearly wasn’t accepted into junior college.

9. I have been skinny dipping.

10. I don’t remember Kindergarten through the 3rd grade.

11. I married when I was 19.

12. My prom date got stopped for speeding after he picked me up and the cop asked if we just got married.

13. I’ve been stranded on a lake for a week with no contact to the rest of the world.

14. I’m always punctual.

15. My mother-in-law is dating a convicted murderer out on parole.

16. I have a Master’s degree.

17. I co-own a tavern.

18. I am 14 years younger than my “second mom”

19. While driving, I hit two deer at once.

20. We experienced a tornado on our 13th anniversary, July 13th.

Blond Girl, you ought to wait till the others have a chance before posting your picks! Thanks.

Make sure to check back later to find out what's true and what's false!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Our cable company asked us about 4 months ago, to be a beta tester for their new phone service. We would receive the service for free for three months and just had to complete surveys and call them with any problems. The cable company has Sprint working with them providing the service. We agreed but kept our regular land line during the trial. Since there were virtually no problems, we decided to change our service to the cable phone after the three months. Long distance calls are included in the price and since we also have the cable TV and internet service, we got a discount. Good deal, right? Wrong!

It seems there's a problem that has arisen since so many subscribers have joined in. In the evening, when the system gets bogged down, we can't hear the person on the other end! They can hear us ok, but to us, it sounds like a cell phone that is cutting out! Then, on Friday, the service was down for like 3 hours for repair without any warning! At least the voice mail still picked up while the system was down so we could still get messages (by calling from a different phone line like a cell phone.) I thought the problem would be fixed, but it's not! It is very frustrating and they better hurry up and fix it, or I'm sure they will lose a lot of customers!