PRINCSSIS may listen

Anyone who knows me and my family will know that I am "Princess Sister" to my three younger brothers. I'm a fairly quiet woman, so when I have something to say, I expect to be heard. I mean no disrespect or place myself on any kind of pedestal. My brothers gave me this name, so I honor them by using it.

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Glad someone was thinking!

Last night, I decided to take a luxurious bath, instead of a shower. My tub is quite unique. It is a handmade sunken concrete tub with one inch tiles. It is very deep - nearly to my shoulders when sitting. It is also squared on the sides, so it's very uncomfortable. The back is perfectly straight, so there's no support for your back or neck. Since it is so deep, it takes a long time to fill. I turned on the water, poured in the "skin milk" bubble bath I received as a gift and decided I could "quick" check my e-mail. Of course, I forgot about the bath water running. My age is starting to show. When I remembered, I ran upstairs, expecting to find water everywhere! However, I discovered the "flipper" for the drain has three slits in it for overflow control. I never knew that was there in the twelve years we've lived here!

I've been contemplating what to do with the tub if we ever remodel that bathroom (it's horrendous!). At least I know now one feature I will include!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Best Friends - anyone?

I was just over at Heather's and she got me to thinking about some of the insecurities I feel. The biggest one lately has been about friends. I have, in the last 10-12 years had two best friends. With one, we had a falling out. Enough said. With the other, I really don't know what happened. If it was just life going our separate ways or not enough effort on my part? We went to graduate school together. She was from South Africa. For some reason, we hit it off from the beginning. We spent a lot of time together studying not only our classes, but our lives, too. She helped me through some tough things. We were close. After graduation, she worked on her "apprenticeship" for a year a couple hours away. She was determined to return to South Africa and have a family (she was already married when we met, as was I.) She did just that. Her daughter was born just days away from my birthday and the way I understand it, she was named after me. Her name isn't the same as mine, but it means the same thing in the Indian culture. I was honored for it. We communicated frequently. The internet was quite new then. She then called and informed me she was miserable there and decided to come back and complete her doctorate, just 30 minutes from where I live. I was ecstatic! Our kids would grow up together.

Fast forward 6 years. We have had very limited contact since she's been back. I feel I have initiated most, if not all, of it. There was a time I decided not to call her and see if she would initiate some contact. Nothing. Now, she's completed her doctorate and moving like 12-15 hours away. At her going away/graduation party, we barely talked. I didn't know any of her many friends. She promised me, as I said my tearful goodbye, we would see each other again before she left. Again, nothing. I'm wondering if she will give me her new address, phone and /or e-mail address. I have contacts where I could probably obtain that information, but I refuse to be the initiator again. Am I wrong in feeling this way?

It just seems I have to initiate most contact with any of my friends. None are my age - either older or younger. I just want to have someone I can "compare notes" to on marriage, child rearing, life. I get lonely for that. I've tried to be more outgoing and it just doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions?

Friday, July 22, 2005


OK. I've become ambitious and finally getting some things added to the sidebar so you guys know who I'm talking about. I would like to change the way it looks, but at least you can read it (unless you are like Blond Girl and try this without your glasses on!).

Please bear with me as I figure out this new language!

What's your first memory?

This is in response to Blond Girl's post.
I'm not sure which would be my first memory as my time line is confused. My parents divorced when I was 6 and Champs, my brother, was 3. I don't remember much about my childhood, probably blocking a lot out due to the divorce. I remember stepping on a bee in the backyard; a fight my parents had where my mom threw Dad's keys on the roof or in the street; a playground incident; missing the bus in the snow; and singing "D-I-V-O-R-C-E", not realizing what it spelled until my mom asked why I was singing that song. I don't remember anything about school until the 4th grade except the bus ride there and the one playground incident. I don't remember my teachers or friends. I do remember a neighborhood friend, Elizabeth, and going to her house a couple blocks from our house. She had red hair, like Champs! I wonder where she is now?

My mom told me I had been sexually assaulted by a babysitter when I was young, but don't know what age. I don't remember anything about it. Maybe this has something to do with the blocked memories, also? I don't know if I would want to try to remember these things. It makes me sad when people talk about their Kindergarten teacher and I have absolutely no recollection of mine. A lot of my memories aren't really memories, just a flashback to pictures I've seen. There's one of me in Champs' crib with him. I don't remember anything about him being born or brought home. I must've loved having him cuz my nickname was "Momma ____". I guess I thought he was my baby!

Sorry to ramble on. Just don't have a particular FIRST memory.
What's your first memory?

Monday, July 18, 2005


Well, I just read my last post to see exactly where I left off. Shortly after posting, CJ's friend's mom called to say CJ was crying and had a headache. He gets them frequently and they usually hit him hard and fast! This time, he woke up with it. I went down the street and brought him home. Before he even got in the car, I gave him some ibuprofen. It usually works for him. He laid on the couch with a cool washcloth on his head. We said a prayer. Shortly thereafter, he calmed down and fell off to sleep. I hurried around the house to get things ready to go. I wasn't sure if we'd get to go that day or not. Once he woke up, CJ was feeling much better. I fed Belle and left her in the high chair while I continued to pack the car. She fell asleep. Head down on the tray. So cute! Once everything was packed, I gently lifted Belle and put her in the car seat. Of course, she woke up. We left town right at 1:00pm, which was the "no later than" deadline.

Just as we left town I decided we needed to say a prayer. Murphy wasn't going to get his nose into this trip! I thanked God for the beautiful day for travel, for healing CJ's headache, and asked for a safe and easy trip. I asked that Belle would cooperate so we could arrive in a timely manner. I might have even asked that she finish her nap. Much to my surprise, Belle did not fall back to sleep. Not one wink for the full 3 1/2 hour trip! It did take us a little longer cuz I had to take a different route when leaving so I could pick up something at my mother-in-law's house. Belle and CJ both traveled well. Or at least, until the last 20 minutes. CJ and I had to sing multiple rounds of "Itsy bitsy spider" while Belle did a couple hand motions and said "down" when we got to the rain part. We arrived at our destination at 4:30pm.

Sunday, we all drove another hour to Bible Camp. CJ was so excited, he could hardly stand it! He hardly said goodbye! :-( I know he most likely won't be homesick. The only thing I'm concerned about is if he gets a headache or hurt and Mom's not there. I came back home today as I have to work Tues. And Wednesday. My brother-in-law and his family live an hour away, so someone could get there in an emergency, but I just pray he has a great time at camp and meets some good friends. Come to find out, three of his cabin mates, besides his cousin, were in his cabin last year. CJ recognized them right away.

Today, Belle and I returned home. She slept most of the way this time. I think she knew CJ wasn't there to entertain her! Now I have to get ready for the whirl-wind week!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Here we go....

I still have nothing packed and plan to leave at noon. Plan is the key word. It seems I always plan a time to leave and end up leaving an hour or more later than that. I don't know what it is about me that causes it, maybe procrastination. I always have good intentions, but just don't get the job done. I'm hoping if I leave close to on time, Belle will sleep most of the way. She didn't get much of a nap yesterday, so she ought to be good and tired today. CJ spent the night last night at a friend's house since he'll be gone for a whole week and won't see his friend. I may need him to come back early this morning to help entertain his sister. Sometimes he likes that responsibility and sometimes he responds with "Aw, Mom! Why do I have to?" He's actually very good at keeping her in giggles.

Once we are on the road, I just pray for safe travel and cooperation from the kids. Both are pretty good travelers. Belle is just such a happy girl! She's pretty easy going, until she decides to make her presence known by a loud scream. In a car, it can send shivers up your spine. We will have a three hour trip, if all goes well.

I suppose I ought to get off this computer and round up the monstrous load so I can make my deadline. Feel free to share tips for next time on how you prepare for a trip, especially with kids.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Can you say "expect the unexpected"?

That should be GranDee's (my mom) slogan. Although, I probably ought not confess that.

My, what a long day. I just got home after spending 10 hours at a hospital. No, it's not AR's relative. GranDee (my mom) had surgery today. The hospital is nearly 2 hours from where I live. She's had many surgeries and one in particular gave me quite a scare. In 2000, GranDee was to have a "simple outpatient surgery that shouldn't be any big deal" and I was told my attendance wasn't necessary (by GranDee). Needless to say, things didn't go so well - she ended up with an emergency tracheostomy because they couldn't get her intubated. So, she didn't have the intended surgery and now had a hole in her neck. Since she has sleep apnea, and that's what the intended surgery was for, she elected to keep the trache. When I called the hospital that time to check on her, I was told the doc wanted to speak to me. YIKES!

It's been a long road, with many twists and bends, but now today she was to have a stent removed from her trachea. It was placed there to help keep her trachea from collapsing while wearing the trache tube (she had many problems with it). She had the tracheostomy reversed some time ago (I can't keep it all straight.)

Today, the doc (different than the one that placed the stent) said if everything went well, the surgery should last 30-45 mins. She was in there for 4 hours! You see, the stent is made to come out in one piece. It didn't. When the doc tried to pull it out, it essentially shattered. She had to tediously remove each piece. (I sure hope she got them all!) For GranDee's safety, it was decided she would be left on the ventilator to make sure her airway was maintained. Since they had to do so much in there, they didn't want it to swell shut. So, she is now in ICU, but doing okay. She was awake when I left (she wanted me to go home), but was to be getting some sedation soon. I'm going to call after posting this to make sure. I'm very tired and still have to pack for Belle and I to take CJ to Bible Camp (supposed to leave Saturday).

Maybe I'll post more tomorrow. After that, I'll be gone a few days.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Fourteen years ago today, I said "I do" to hubby, AR. He's never been much of a romantic. Except, it was his idea to be married on July 13th. His parents and granparents were married on that day. We are the third generation.

Last year, on our 13th anniversary on the 13th of July, I actually received flowers! AND a card! Too bad the rest of the day went all wrong!

We live in tornado alley. This time of year, pop-up thunderstorms can appear at any time. Last year, there was a storm brewing as I shopped with our 3 month old daughter, "Belle". Our son, "CJ" was swimming at a friend's house. I was trying to get back home before AR returned from work, about 2:30 in the afternoon. Once he arrived, he called on my cell - "you need to get home fast - there's a storm coming." Knowing how over-reactive he usually is, I waited in line at he store to complete my purchase. Once I got in the car, he called again, more insistent this time. OK. The sky is looking pretty dark. Keep in mind we live in a small town 5 miles from the nearest shopping. I couldn't believe my eyes as I drove INTO this storm! I got home just in time, parked the car halfway into the garage so I could get Belle out with her car seat (the car barely fits in the garage - trying to get a car seat in and out is nearly impossible). About that time, AR asked where CJ was. I thought I had told him he was down the street at a friend's house. He informed me I hadn't. By now, the storm is too bad to go get him. The sky is green and hail begins to fall. TO THE BASEMENT!

Belle and I head to the basement while AR is pacing from window to window, watching the storm. At one point, the howling was just as I had heard described - like a train! About that time, AR yells, "you better pray CJ is okay! That house may be gone in this!" CJ's friend lives in a double wide trailer on a foundation. We live in a double-brick walled tri-level with very sturdy construction - quite possibly the sturdiest house in town! As I hold Belle close, saying a prayer and crying, I just can't believe this is happening.

Once the storm let up enough for AR to go down the street to get CJ, he left in the 4x4 pick-up. He returned shortly with a scrawny boy in only underwear! (You see, he had been swimming up until right before the storm hit. He only got as far as getting his underwear on before he hid in their closet.) He was scared and crying. So was I. He was fine and no homes were lost. No lives, either. The official word is we had 90mph straight line winds. There were a lot of trees down, homes damaged, a church's chimney collapsed into the sanctuary, our downtown business lost a roof and 32 power poles were down between here and the next town, from which our electricity is supplied.

It was something I never want to experience again.

This year, AR grilled a very nice dinner. NO CARD, NO FLOWERS. He said it was because of what happened last year when he took the time to pick up those things.

I know he loves me. It's just nice when he takes that extra step.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


AR's relative called last night for a ride to the hospital. He was admitted. They are doing more tests to see what is wrong. He had been passing blood and vommiting. Upon arrival at the ER, his blood pressure was 50/70, I think. Once IV's were started, his pressure returned to normal. He was given 3 units of blood. We don't really know much more than that. Just didn't want to leave you hanging.

Sorry if TMI.

Now What?

Well, I haven't posted in almost a week - now this is the third one tonight!

The family member of AR's just called asking for AR to take him to the hospital. He's elderly and lives here in town. So, I woke up AR and out the door he went. AR said, walking out the door, "I may have to bring him back here after we go to the hospital, so get ready!" Now I get to stay up and wonder what is going on and tidy things up. Not that they're too bad, but AR gets pretty nervous about it. Here it goes. Lord, help me!

Monday, July 11, 2005

About me

I'm taking a combination of two other posts I've seen and making one of my own. Instead of 101 things about me, let's start with 26, using the alphabet as a guide:
A is for Age: 36
B is for Booze: Captain Morgan and Coke
C is for Career: Audiologist ("what?")
D is for Dog's name: Casey, Shotzie and Hershey
E is for Essential Item to bring to a Party: Camera
F is for Favorite Songs at the Moment:"Red-neck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson - I just think it's fun!
G is for Goof off thing to do: internet! I would do more scrapbooking, but don't have the time
H is for Housekeeping: Awful at it, but getting better!
I is for Instrument you play: I played the flute and saxophone (I switched to sax so I could be near the boy I had a crush on!)
J is for Jam or Jelly you like: Good 'ole Grape!
K is for Kids: CJ (court jester), my 8 year old son; Belle (our little beauty), my 15 month old daughter
L is for Living arrangement: Me, husband (AR), CJ and Belle along with our three dogs.
M is for Mom's name: I have two: Donetta and Jeanie
N is for Names of best friends: don't really have one. :-(
O is for overnight hospital stays: Two nights when each child was born (actually, three with Belle - she was born after the first night). I also stayed with CJ one night while he was in for observation with stomach cramps. I was sure it was appendicitis- he was fine in the morning!
P is for Phobias: storms, especially after the 90mph straight line winds we experienced a year ago on our 13th anniversary on July 13th!
Q is for Quote you like: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
R is for Relationship that lasted longest: My wonderful husband- 14th anniversary is Wednesday!
S is for Siblings: I'm the oldest of four. My brothers are Champs (soon moving near me with Blond Girl and Sweet Girl), Motor (living near me with a wife and 9 mo son), and Tank (currently serving in Iraq, engaged)
T is for Texas , Ever been? YEP! The last time was with AR for a birthday party for his 80 yo great uncle. Much fun!
U is for Unique trait: ??? I'm quiet and have been told that comes across as being "stuck up"
V if for Vegetable you love: sweet potatoes
W is for Water: don't drink enough of it.
X - is for XRays you've had: neck, back, knee, finger (dropped a bowling ball on it!) and sonograms, if those count.
Y is for Yummy food you make: chocolate marble chip cheesecake YUM!
Z is for Zodiac sign: Gemini. I don't follow it, though.


This week will be my big test - how much can I cram in one week? Or should I say 5 days? Tomorrow, I need to do some tidying as a family member (AR's) is coming to talk about something important. I know there's been some things going on with him lately, but he called tonight and AR was obviously upset. So much so he didn't want to talk about it with me after the conversation.

I also co-own a business and have to get things ready for when I'm gone this weekend.
I'm taking CJ to Bible Camp. He'll be there a week. Not only do I need to get him packed, I have to pack for Belle (our little beauty) and I to stay at my brother-in-law's for a couple days. We go to his house first on Saturday and Sunday take CJ and nephew to camp. I return home Monday, work Tuesday and Wednesday then go back Thursday or Friday to pick him up on Saturday morning.

I have to work this Wednesday, 1 1/2 hours away, so that day is shot.

My mother is having surgery Thursday afternoon, 2 hours away. Not much time there.

So, I have tomorrow and Friday to get us packed and ready to go. I think I'll try to have CJ get his clothes together and start checking things off the list. That probably means laundry needs to be done. One more thing on the list.


Please give me your vote of confidence.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ahhh, Freedom!

Well, the Fourth of July is now over. CJ was better today - no fever! However, I did not let him ride the fire truck in the parade with the cub scout pack. I figured we didn't need to push it! It was just too hot. Our friends came over this evening and we served pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, smoked ranch beans, mac-n-cheese, and fruit. One of the friends brought "Dirt dessert" made with instant chocolate pudding, cool-whip and oreo cookies. YUM!

One of the other mom's and I took the kids to see fireworks, just as it started to rain. We went to the next town, 5 miles south. It rained even harder there and the display was postponed to tomorrow night. Anyone know where Murphy is? (See On our way back home, we saw the town's fireworks that is 5 miles north of ours, so we started driving toward them. We parked in the country and watched. It was actually a pretty awesome display for such a small town. Did I hear Murphy groan?

Just remember what independence Day is all about. While driving home from the postponed fireworks, one of the kids piped,"I wish I was on the other side of the world so I could see the fireworks there." The other mom and I started to explain that independence Day is ....
then one of the other kids (CJ) spoke up and said "that is where the Star Spangled Banner came from. From the war that we won our freedom." From the mouths of babes.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Plans for Fourth

Well, sometimes I wonder why I even make plans - it seems they always change. We had a fairly busy weekend planned for the Fourth, but all so far have been nixed! CJ (our 8 yo "court jester") has had a fever since Wednesday! I took him in to the doc yesterday and did a strep culture - negative! Not too surprised, though, since he really doesn't have much of a sore throat. I thought he was doing better, then his temp spiked to 104 degrees yesterday. So much for the Cub Scout Picnic/Potluck that was already postponed a day in hopes CJ would be well.
Last night, his temp went down to 98.9, so I figured if he had a good night, he would be well today.

WE had planned on attending church this am, but again, his temp is starting to spike - so far up to 100.8 degrees. He's had another bout of diarrhea (he had one on Friday, I think - sorry if TMI) and starting to look a little pekid. Poor fella - he told the doc yesterday that he just HAS to be better for the Fourth - it's his favorite holiday! (Of course, each holiday is his fav as it comes around!) I cringed when the doc assured him he would be better - "we have three days" he says.

Today, we've planned on going to my Uncle's house for the celebration. Maybe Belle (our 1yo little beauty) and I will go and leave CJ with AR (my hubby thinks he's the ABSOLUTE RULER).

Tomorrow, CJ's cub scout pack is scheduled to ride on our small town's fire trucks in the next biggest town's parade. Later in the day, we have friends/neighbors coming for a cookout. There's three couples in our "group" and it's about time we had them at our house. Of course, AR is planning to make pulled pork sandwiches that require the meat marinade for one day, then cook the meat today so that "he's" not having to pull the pork while our guests are here tomorrow. So, what are we to do with all this food if we have to cancel because CJ isn't better? No matter how he feels, we'll probably at least go see fireworks!

Let's see what happens with today and tomorrow's plans!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Grilling by Flashlight!

This evening, after my husband grilled our steaks, he recommended we put an arm roast on the hot coals. He had thawed it a couple days ago but our schedule changed, as it often does, and it had not been cooked. I knew I would still be awake, so I agreed to watch it. As I checked on it, I had to take the flashlight out to the grill so I could read the thermometer. I pulled it off at 11:20pm. I will put it in the fridge soon and we'll eat it tomorrow, in some form or another.

Shortly after my husband put the roast on the grill, he read this to me from our local paper:

"Barbecuing is the only type of cooking a real man will do. When a man volunteers to do the barbecue for the Fourth of July, this could be what happens:
1) The woman goes to the store and picks up all the necessary items.
2) the woman makes the salad, vegetables, and dessert.
3) The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man, who is lounging beside the grill, beer in hand.
4) The man places the meat on the grill.
5) The woman goes inside to organize the plates and cutlery.
6) The woman comes out to tell the man that he meat is burning. He thanks her and asks if she will bring another beer while he deals with the situation.
7) The man takes the meat off the grill and hands it to the woman.
8) The woman prepares the plates and brings them to the table.
9) After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes.
10) Everyone praises the man and thanks him for his cooking efforts.
11) The mans asks the woman how she enjoyed her night off."

This is in no way a slam on men. This just sounds very familiar. Although, my hubby is a little more involved than this example. Just a little something for the funny bone!

Tell me if this is like what happens at your house!