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Anyone who knows me and my family will know that I am "Princess Sister" to my three younger brothers. I'm a fairly quiet woman, so when I have something to say, I expect to be heard. I mean no disrespect or place myself on any kind of pedestal. My brothers gave me this name, so I honor them by using it.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm down here....

Russ asked where I've been.

I guess I could say I'm just depressed cuz the Cardinals lost to the Astros and missed going to the World Series. But that's not totally true. I've been very busy and actually tried to blog last night, but I was nearly done and my internet connection failed. I don't understand why, but it did.

Anyway, I'm here. I've actually made a few comments on other blogs. I wanted to do more, but I was having trouble getting the comment box to open. So, I've been lurking about. I just have so much to do before Monday!

1. My professional license will expire Monday and I still need like 10 hours of continuing education. Thank God for internet courses! I would like to try to get this done by Friday. I need to have verification from the state (which I can get on the internet) that my license is renewed before Wednesday next week so I can work that day.

2. Third quarter paperwork/reports/taxes are due for the tavern Monday. I haven't even started. The good news is, once I get started on it, I don't take long to complete it. Again, Thank God for the internet!

3. AR has been working on replacing the upstairs windows before the cold hits and replace the siding, too. I've had to do some cleaning before and after he's been in each room! He ran into a problem with the soffets today, so it looks like we have to replace those, too!

4. I have a situation for which I've been waiting on a decision. I got that yesterday and it's mixed news. I'm not sure about sharing details here.

5. Thanks to Blond Girl for re-working AR's resume. There's a job that should be opening that would be a great change for him. THe change itself I'm sure would be stressful, but a different kind of stress than what he's dealing with at work now. Now, we are just waiting for the job to be posted. Then we play the waiting game - again!

6. CJ had a frenectomy yesterday. His was for the upper lip frenulum that attaches to the gums. He had it clipped and some tissue removed to allow his front teeth to come together and allow other teeth to come in. He's doing very well.

7. I told GranDee that I would try to bring the kids over for a visit since she hasn't seen them since like Easter, I think. She lives 3 hours away, so its hard to do in one day. With the other deadlines I have, I better concentrate on those, but I feel guilty. She says she understands.

8. Oh, and don't forget Halloween is Monday! But, we actually need to have costumes ready by Friday evening since the PTO is having the Halloween party then!

AAAAAACCKKKK! Slow down. Deep breath. Re-group. It will get done. It almost always does. Maybe not on time, but it does.

Sorry for the ramblings. The post I started yesterday was better, but I can't remember how I did it. Oh, well. Thanks for asking, Russ. I'm sure you got more than you bargained for. :-)


Blogger GranDee said...

I do understand, Honey... "Just wait until next year" is the present theme ... with the Carninals and me! Maybe this time next year you will be saying, "Oh, my gosh, GranDee wants to have you kids over AGAIN?" ;-)

10:11 AM  
Blogger GranDee said...

You are right, it will all get done. I pray you will indeed take a deep breath and relax a little. K?
I love you.

10:16 AM  
Blogger yellojkt said...

Continuing education credits are a pain in the neck. When I need some I just shop for the easiest cheapest online course. Like that really helps keep me current.

It's a joke and part of the rampant credentialism that plagues us. What's written on a little slip of paper is more important than how well you do your job.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Blond Girl said...

Goodlordabove! Numbers one and two would have me hyperventelating(sp) right now. Of course, as an NASD registered person, I have CE that I need to do and I am aware of how BORING it is and how hard re-testing would be, so I am rabid about getting the hours in early.

Of course, since it's almost Sunday, I'm sure you have the list mostly done by now and the kids looked so cute on Friday.

I know you'll get it all done. Keep breating and praying. That's about all that gets any of us through it.

1:42 AM  

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