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Anyone who knows me and my family will know that I am "Princess Sister" to my three younger brothers. I'm a fairly quiet woman, so when I have something to say, I expect to be heard. I mean no disrespect or place myself on any kind of pedestal. My brothers gave me this name, so I honor them by using it.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sorry, folks!

I dunno what happened. We had a scheduled power outage and afterward, I couldn't get logged in here to post a new message. Now, miraculously, I can get in. UGH. This blog world thing sometimes gets me.

I'm too tired right now, but I'll post more prolly Thursday.

See you then!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:19 PM  
Blogger yellojkt said...

Glad to se you are doing well. I was getting a little worried, but I figures start of the school year is hectic for everyone.

8:42 AM  

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