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Friday, September 30, 2005

September birthdays

Our family has several birthdays in September. My nephew's is on the 10th; another nephew's is on the 19th, along with my aunt; my youngest brother's is on the 21st, AR's is the 25th, and today, is my sis-in-law's (Blond Girl) 40th birthday! I know several other people, not in the family, that have birthdays this month.

This year was my brother's Golden Birthday, as he turned 21 on the 21st. He is currently in the Army in Iraq. He's actually in the Army National Guard, and was sent to Iraq in May. He should be coming home for a visit in December. Anyway, we, his family, wanted to do something special for his 21st birthday- away from home. Blond Girl and I were brainstorming and came up with "21 reasons we love Tank" video. We had different family members give a reason they love him and some even went on to tell a story. Of course, mom (GranNee) and Tank's fiancee took the longest. Blond Girl and Champs e-mailed video clips of them and Sweet Girl. We even got a video clip from our cousins, aunt and uncle in Arizona. Tank's future father-in-law actually put it all together and burned the CD. BG and I wrote an introduction and I formatted it similar to the "Star Wars" movies, where it scrolls and fades at the top. We included "deleted scenes" and out takes. It was fun to put together. And a lot of work.

My biggest concern was getting it to him in time. As you can imagine, sometimes the mail can take 2-3 weeks for a package to get there. I mailed it 13 days before his birthday and it made it a couple days ahead of time! He loved it! He said the out takes made him laugh! I'm so happy it turned out so well.

So, Blond Girl, I'm sorry, but we did not make a "40 reasons we love you" video. Although, I suppose we could come up with a list. Thank you, though, for all your input into Tank's. I know he (as I) appreciated it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Visitors, you can wish Blond Girl a Happy Birthday, too! Just click on her name!


Anonymous La Bella said...

I just came back from wishing Blondgirl a happy birthday. :-)

I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to get that video rolling... but hey, it's the thought that counts. :-)
Even a simple lil' b-day card will make his day! I'm sure of it. :-)
[oh.. and maybe a picture? *hehe*]

Happy Bday to all your family members! My b-day is on the 9th of Oct... [just had to rub that in] LOL


10:06 PM  
Anonymous La Bella said...

ps. BTW, I came via Michelle's. LOL

10:07 PM  
Anonymous s said...

What a great idea. Years from now it will still have value!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Ciera said...

Hey! here from Michele's. That was a great idea for a birthday gift. My family has a lot of Sept. birthdays too.

12:50 PM  
Blogger indigo said...

Thanks for visiting. Thank goodness, it poured last night so the plants all got a soak. Whew!


12:30 AM  
Blogger ribbiticus said...

yikes! busy month for your credit card -lol. it's always nice to celebrate happy occasions like these with family. :)

1:02 PM  

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