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Anyone who knows me and my family will know that I am "Princess Sister" to my three younger brothers. I'm a fairly quiet woman, so when I have something to say, I expect to be heard. I mean no disrespect or place myself on any kind of pedestal. My brothers gave me this name, so I honor them by using it.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Update to "Mooooom.."

Well, CJ came home early from school Friday with a sore throat. His glands were swollen and tender and the back of his throat was a bit red. His temp was 99.7 degrees. I decided to take CJ in for a strep culture. The rapid result was negative. After some ibuprofen, he was feeling better. As I stated in the post below, we went to Indianapolis with his Cub Scout pack. I figured since he was feeling better and the rapid test was negative, it'd be ok.

Last night, CJ was complaining of an earache. So, this morning I decided I better check on the strep culture results (they grow it for a couple days if the rapid test is negative). You guessed it! It's POSITIVE. So, I let CJ sleep in and we'll go soon to pick up the prescription. I've called the parents of the other kids that went on the trip so they would all know, even though they knew I had the strep test done and the original result.

The moral of the story is listen to your kids when they say they feel sick. I've talked with CJ about the new boy in class and he gives me no indication there's a problem at this time.


Blogger jennyonthespot said...

Oh no! Strep!!! I'm taking my youngest to the doc for a probably ear infection this morning... Good time:) It's not even fall yet!

Oh yeah - Hello! Michele sent me.

May the strep life be short, and inhabit only one human in your home:)

10:58 AM  
Blogger Blond Girl said...

Strep throat. yuck!
good idea to tell the other pack moms...
we'll pray for CJ

10:27 PM  

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