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Monday, August 15, 2005

THOSE are your brand new shoes???

I can't believe it! Just yesterday, I bought CJ two new pairs of tennis shoes for school, which started today. We spent about an hour picking out/trying on shoes and fighting over which ones to buy. CJ wanted three pair! I knew he would outgrow them fairly quickly. Little did I know....

He wore one pair, a white and blue pair of New Balance, today. He had school for two hours. Afterwards, he went to a friend's house. This friend is a good kid - he just comes from a poor home. His mother, Rhonda, lets her kids go barefoot outside. I don't approve of that for our son. He knows this. Rhonda also lets her kids play in the dirt and get filthy from head to toe. CJ knows I prefer he not get THAT dirty. I have discussed with CJ that Rhonda allows her kids to do things of which I don't approve. He knows my rules and preferences. I feel like if he can't remember my rules while he's there, maybe he shouldn't go over there. He's also lost countless socks there.

I know kids, especially boys, like to play in the dirt and get dirty, but there's a limit in my book. CJ came home briefly today to get his rollerblades. I told him to take his shoes so he would have them to wear after he's done skating. He did. His brand new shoes. I didn't think much of it. I guess I should have. I just now noticed his shoes. The bright white shoes strings are now black and it appears he stomped in mud. We've had a little rain, but the ground is so dry there aren't mud puddles or anything. The shoes are a wreck! He's lucky he's in bed right now. I think I will get him up early to clean off his shoes. It is just ridiculous that he wears the shoes ONE DAY and they already look like they've been through hell! I'm not one to get angry easily, but........!!!! He needs a lesson in taking care of his things. Granted, I got the shoes 1/2 off after buying the other $40 pair, but they are still brand new! I can't wait till he gets to the age that he wants the $120 pair of shoes - he better have learned his lesson by then! (The same shoes will probably be $160 by that time!)

What would you do? Punish him from going to the friend's house? Make him clean the shoes? Make him earn the money it costs to buy the shoes? (He's wanting to start helping our paper lady deliver papers for $2 a day.) Any other ideas?


Blogger Blond Girl said...

Go to Target and get him the really cheap 10.00 shoes and tell him those are his "neighborhood" shoes. He has to change into them before he goes out to play. Also make him help clean these and next time he wants to have really nice shoes to wear, gently remind him that he would have had them if he had followed the rules.
man, I sound mean, don't i?

8:50 PM  
Blogger flu said...

He's 8, right?

I don't see anything warranting punishment: I doubt he had malicous intent when he put on his new shoes, or when he got them dirty. Not only is he 8, but he's a boy. When my boy was 8, he could get white shoes dirty while locked in an empty, white, padded room.

Ask him if he wants to wear filthy shoes to school. Chances are he doesn't care, which explains why he carelessly got them dirty.

I'd chalk this one up to "I will think more of it next time and dictate what he wears because I'm the mature one with the gift of foresight to see what's inevitable here, and I will choose to care about his things because I know that my example is how he will learn to care"

I said too much, forgive me.

Hi, Michele sent me.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Champs said...

I agree with Blond Girl. I have to, she's my! I have shoes that I wear for lawn stuff or when I know they will get dirty. These shoes are my old pair that was replaced by the new ones. I would make him wash them and let him know that he cannot wear them to play and have him wear his old shoes.

5:00 PM  

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