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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Plans for Fourth

Well, sometimes I wonder why I even make plans - it seems they always change. We had a fairly busy weekend planned for the Fourth, but all so far have been nixed! CJ (our 8 yo "court jester") has had a fever since Wednesday! I took him in to the doc yesterday and did a strep culture - negative! Not too surprised, though, since he really doesn't have much of a sore throat. I thought he was doing better, then his temp spiked to 104 degrees yesterday. So much for the Cub Scout Picnic/Potluck that was already postponed a day in hopes CJ would be well.
Last night, his temp went down to 98.9, so I figured if he had a good night, he would be well today.

WE had planned on attending church this am, but again, his temp is starting to spike - so far up to 100.8 degrees. He's had another bout of diarrhea (he had one on Friday, I think - sorry if TMI) and starting to look a little pekid. Poor fella - he told the doc yesterday that he just HAS to be better for the Fourth - it's his favorite holiday! (Of course, each holiday is his fav as it comes around!) I cringed when the doc assured him he would be better - "we have three days" he says.

Today, we've planned on going to my Uncle's house for the celebration. Maybe Belle (our 1yo little beauty) and I will go and leave CJ with AR (my hubby thinks he's the ABSOLUTE RULER).

Tomorrow, CJ's cub scout pack is scheduled to ride on our small town's fire trucks in the next biggest town's parade. Later in the day, we have friends/neighbors coming for a cookout. There's three couples in our "group" and it's about time we had them at our house. Of course, AR is planning to make pulled pork sandwiches that require the meat marinade for one day, then cook the meat today so that "he's" not having to pull the pork while our guests are here tomorrow. So, what are we to do with all this food if we have to cancel because CJ isn't better? No matter how he feels, we'll probably at least go see fireworks!

Let's see what happens with today and tomorrow's plans!


Blogger Blond Girl said...

Who invited Murphy to your house?!? I'm sorry CJ hasn't been feeling well. I know that's no fun. Are the fireworks at Uncle D's? I bet Motor will be helping to set them off....

Our plans have been a melange of cleaning, closet finishing and painting and family time. I brought my computer home to get some work done and I've gotten no where, so it seems that Murphy is visiting both of us.

I wrote a post for today and talked about Tank and Motor. Check it out. Happy fourth!

2:09 PM  
Blogger princssis said...

Uncle D didn't have any fireworks this year. Motor and his family weren't there - at his in-law's.
We went to the town south of here to see fireworks, but it was rained out. We don't see rain in forever, then on the Fourth, it has to rain. Where's Murphy?

They will have them again tomorrow night. We did see them on the way home at the town north of us, so we pulled over and watched those. They actually had a pretty good display.

11:34 PM  
Blogger princssis said...

oh, did I hear Murphy groan?

11:35 PM  

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