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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Can you say "expect the unexpected"?

That should be GranDee's (my mom) slogan. Although, I probably ought not confess that.

My, what a long day. I just got home after spending 10 hours at a hospital. No, it's not AR's relative. GranDee (my mom) had surgery today. The hospital is nearly 2 hours from where I live. She's had many surgeries and one in particular gave me quite a scare. In 2000, GranDee was to have a "simple outpatient surgery that shouldn't be any big deal" and I was told my attendance wasn't necessary (by GranDee). Needless to say, things didn't go so well - she ended up with an emergency tracheostomy because they couldn't get her intubated. So, she didn't have the intended surgery and now had a hole in her neck. Since she has sleep apnea, and that's what the intended surgery was for, she elected to keep the trache. When I called the hospital that time to check on her, I was told the doc wanted to speak to me. YIKES!

It's been a long road, with many twists and bends, but now today she was to have a stent removed from her trachea. It was placed there to help keep her trachea from collapsing while wearing the trache tube (she had many problems with it). She had the tracheostomy reversed some time ago (I can't keep it all straight.)

Today, the doc (different than the one that placed the stent) said if everything went well, the surgery should last 30-45 mins. She was in there for 4 hours! You see, the stent is made to come out in one piece. It didn't. When the doc tried to pull it out, it essentially shattered. She had to tediously remove each piece. (I sure hope she got them all!) For GranDee's safety, it was decided she would be left on the ventilator to make sure her airway was maintained. Since they had to do so much in there, they didn't want it to swell shut. So, she is now in ICU, but doing okay. She was awake when I left (she wanted me to go home), but was to be getting some sedation soon. I'm going to call after posting this to make sure. I'm very tired and still have to pack for Belle and I to take CJ to Bible Camp (supposed to leave Saturday).

Maybe I'll post more tomorrow. After that, I'll be gone a few days.


Blogger Blond Girl said...

Champs told me about the peices and all the difficulties. We are praying for the best. Did the doc say how long she'll be there?

8:49 AM  

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